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Cognitive symptoms

Emotional symptoms

  •    Feeling of being out of control

  •    A sense of being overwhelmed

  •   Quick to anger, mood swings and irritability

  •    Feelings of isolation or loneliness

  •    Generally feeling down

  •    Specified or unspecified anxiety

  •    Unable to relax or sit still

  •    Over thinking

How and why we stress

·         Negative dialogue in your mind

·         Worrying constantly

·         See everything through a negative slant

·         No coherence to your thoughts

·         Chaotic thoughts create poor judgement

·         Difficult with memory

Physical symptoms

  •          Listlessness low energy

  •          Migraine and headaches

  •          Cramps in stomach

  •          Nausea and feeling dizzy

  •          Loss of sex drive

  •          Low immune system

  •          Frequent colds and flu

  •          Sight

Behavioural symptoms

  •  Depleted energy levels

  •  Sleeping too much

  •  Trouble with sleeping

  • Over reliance on alcohol, drugs or       cigarettes to relax 

  • Feeling of isolation/withdrawing from others

  • Biting nails, jittery or over talking

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